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We offer an extensive range of aftermarket parts for Cleaver-Brooks boilers. The quality products shown below are compatible aftermarket replacement parts for Cleaver Brooks boilers.

Sight Glass Cap Assembly
Fits Model "CB" Boilers
Part Number 550-42Contact us for price & availability.Sight Glass Cap Assembly, 550-42, Fits Cleaver-Brooks Boilers
Brass Nut 5/8"Fits "CB" BoilersPart Number 51-160Contact us for price & availability.Brass Nut, 5/8", 51-160, Fits Cleaver-Brooks BoilersBrass Nut 7/8"
Fits "CB" Boilers
Part Number 51-162Contact us for price & availability.Brass Nut, 7/8", 51-162, Fits Cleaver-Brooks Boilers
Bolt 5/8"
Fits "CB" Boilers
5/8" BoltContact us for price & availability.5/8" Bolt, Fits Cleaver-Brooks Boilers
Bolt 7/8"
Fits "CB" Boilers
7/8" BoltContact us for price & availability.7/8" Bolt, Fits Cleaver-Brooks Boilers
Washer 5/8"
Fits "CB" Boilers
5/8" WasherContact us for price & availability.5/8" Washer, Fits Cleaver-Brooks Boilers
Washer 7/8"
Fits "CB" Boilers
7/8" WasherContact us for price & availability.7/8" Washer, Fits Cleaver-Brooks Boilers
Part Number 904-36Contact us for price & availability.Electrode Grommet, 904-36, Fits Cleaver-Brooks Boilers
Part Number 134-53Contact us for price & availability.Electrode Holder, 134-53, Fits Cleaver-Brooks Boilers

Aftermarket Boiler Parts is not an authorized sales representative of Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. or related to Cleaver-Brooks in any way, nor does Aftermarket Boiler Parts provide or manufacture any genuine, authorized or OEM Cleaver-Brooks replacement parts. Any aftermarket replacement parts for boilers sold or provided by Aftermarket Boiler Parts are manufactured by or on behalf of Aftermarket Boiler Parts and not Cleaver-Brooks. Cleaver-Brooks® is a registered trademark owned by Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.

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a division of OEM Boiler Parts